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(a) Parks in this City are constructed and maintained for the use of the public at large, and shall be open daily to all residents on absolutely equal terms and none shall be given special privileges therein, or be permitted to make use of them for any purpose not practically common to all and in consonance with the proper use of the park.

(b) The City reserves the exclusive right and privilege to sell or cause to be sold any food, souvenirs or refreshments, other than those containing alcohol, in any of its parks. Upon appropriate action of Council and only after competitive bidding, the City may award concession contracts for the sale of food, souvenirs or refreshments.
(Ord. 1956-11. Passed 10-22-56.)

(c) Attended recreational facilities within parks in the City shall be available to residents of the City at no charge upon the presentation of identification cards which shall be provided to residents by the Recreation Director upon the presentation of suitable identification for a fee of one dollar ($1.00). Recreational facilities shall be available to nonresidents upon the payment of a user’s fee to be determined by the Director. A schedule of such fees shall be posted at each recreational facility.
(Ord. 1986-24. Passed 6-9-86.)


Heavily laden vehicles or vehicles carrying or ordinarily used in carrying merchandise, goods, tools, material or rubbish, market wagons, milk wagons, dirt carts, moving vans, drays or trucks, except such as may be used in the park service or such as may be authorized, in writing by the Director of Public Service or his nominee, are prohibited from passing over the driveways in any of the parks. The Director of Public Service or his nominee may grant permission for vehicles carrying passengers only, and vehicles carrying materials to buildings on the parkways and adjacent thereto to use park roadways when no other driveways or roadways are accessible or passable, if found necessary.

Nothing contained in this section shall be held or construed to prohibit the established right of travel or occupancy of any of the public streets or avenues running through or around any of the parks.
(Ord. 1956-11. Passed 10-22-56.)


No person shall remove, destroy, break, injure, mutilate or deface in any way any structure, monument, statue, vase, fountain, table, bench, wall, fence, railing, vehicle, flower, building or other structure or property in any park or parkway, and no person, other than an employee of the parks, shall bring into any of the parks, or have in his possession while therein, any tree, shrub or plant or any newly plucked branch or leaf of a tree, shrub or plant, except with the written permission of the Director of Public Service.
(Ord. 1956-11. Passed 10-22-56.)


Solicitors, agents, fakirs, peddlers, mendicants, strolling musicians, organ grinders, exhorters and showmen are prohibited from plying their several vocations within the park limits.
(Ord. 1956-11. Passed 10-22-56.)


Sleeping or protracted lounging on the seats of benches, loud, boisterous, threatening or abusive, insulting or indecent language, or disorderly conduct or behavior or any act tending to be a breach of public peace is prohibited.
(Ord. 1956-11. Passed 10-22-56.)


All permits issued by the Director of Public Service shall be subject to the park rules and regulations and City ordinances, and persons to whom the permits are issued shall be bound by the rules, regulations and ordinances, as fully as though the same were inserted in the permits, except if the permit provides otherwise.
(Ord. 1956-11. Passed 10-22-56.)


(EDITOR’S NOTE: Former Section 951.07 was repealed by Ordinance 2009-33.)


No person, while on the grounds of any City park shall:

(a) Commit any disorderly or immoral act, appear in improper dress, utter loud or indecent language, or conduct himself in a noisy, boisterous, rude, insulting or other manner by either word or act toward any other person.

(b) Be allowed to enter or remain in, or be found in an intoxicated condition in a park; take into a park any intoxicating liquor either for sale to others or for his own use or the use of others; sell, give away or dispose of any intoxicating liquor; have any alcoholic beverage in his possession.

(c) Throw stones, sticks, cans or bottles, or play golf or hit golf balls, or throw or hit any other dangerous object.

(d) Throw or cause to be thrown any object on any ice skating pond or pond.

(e) Write, paint, carve or deface in any manner any tree, bench or structure, or injure any tree, plant, grass, flower or structure.

(f) Gamble or play any game of chance.

(g) Publicly solicit subscriptions or beg.

(h) Wash, clean or polish any automobile or other vehicle.

(i) Throw or leave any refuse or garbage in any other place than in the receptacles provided therefor.

(j) (EDITOR’S NOTE: Former subsection (j) was repealed by Ordinance 2008-08.)

(k) Ride or drive any vehicle at a rate of speed exceeding fifteen miles per hour.

(l) Fail or refuse to comply with any lawful order or direction of any public officer.

(m) Drive or ride a motorcycle, mini-bike, snowmobile or any other motor-driven vehicle.

(n) Tie a horse to a tree.

(o) Climb any tree or walk, stand or sit upon any monument, vase, fountain, railing or fence.

(p) Sound any whistle.

(q) Injure, deface or destroy any notice of the rules and regulations governing the parks which have been posted or permanently fixed by order or permission of the Director of Public Service.
(Ord. 1984-14. Passed 4-9-84.)


No person or organization while on the grounds of any City park, unless prior permission has been obtained from the Director of Public Service or his designee, shall:

(a) Post or display any sign, banner or advertisement, or offer anything for sale.

(b) Hold any public meeting or gathering or engage in any marching or driving as a member of a military, political or other organization, or deliver any public speech, or use a speaker’s rostrum or stand.

(c) Obstruct in any way any roadway or path, enter or leave City parks except at the established exits and entrances, or park any vehicle after sundown or before sunup, except when using park facilities in accordance with regulations governing the use of such facilities.

(d) Discharge any firearms or fireworks, or ignite or burn any sparkler.

(e) Hold any picnic at a place not designated for that purpose, or play baseball or any other game at a place not designated for that purpose.

(f) Enter any place where a no admittance sign has been posted.

(g) Build any fire, except at places provided for that purpose.

(h) Carry any shrub, flower, firearm, slingshot, axe, saw, shovel or spade into such park. (Ord. 1964-62. Passed 7-13-64.)

(i) (EDITOR’S NOTE: Former subsection (i) was repealed by Ordinance 2008-08.)

(j) Hold, conduct or present any musical, theatrical or other entertainment.

(k) Be in a parade or procession.

(l) Distribute any circular, handbill, card or other written or printed matter.
(Ord. 1956-11. Passed 10-22-56.)


All City parks shall be open during such hours as may be determined by the Safety Director and Director of Public Service. Notice of the opening and closing hours shall be conspicuously posted at the entrances of each City park and no person shall remain within the parks while closed unless given specific written permission by the Director of Public Service.
(Ord. 2005-88. Passed 12-12-05.)


(a) The present recreational park now known as Twin Lakes Park is hereby renamed and shall be known as Louis R. Orlando Park.
(Ord. 1978-84. Passed 11-13-78.)

(b) The present recreational park now known as Ridgewick Park is hereby renamed and shall be known as Fielding Featherston III Park.
(Ord. 1978-85. Passed 11-13-78.)

(c) The recreational park presently known as Civic Park is hereby renamed and shall be known as Levi Lane Park.
(Ord. 2000-47. Passed 11-13-00.)


(a) No person shall bring, have, keep, or leave any animal in the park areas of the City, except dogs, which shall be restrained by a leash in such a manner as to be under a person’s control at all times. Dogs will only be permitted in the park areas designated as a park walkway, path or sidewalk.

(b) The owner or person in control of any dog shall dispose of any fecal matter left by his/her dog.

(c) No person shall permit any dog to run at large.
(Ord. 2008-08. Passed 4-14-08.)


(a) No person shall hunt, capture, take, trap or in any other way abuse, molest, injure, pursue or destroy any animal, other than by fishing, without a permit from the Director of Public Service or his/her designee.

(b) No person shall move, injure, or destroy any bird nest, egg, or any animal habitation.

(c) No person shall fish in park ponds in violation of any sign or signs prohibiting fishing or a manner thereof.
(Ord. 2008-08. Passed 4-14-08.)

951.14 PARKING

Motor vehicles, motorbikes, bicycles and other vehicles of any nature shall be parked in such areas and in such a manner as designated by signs, posters, or verbal orders. Any such vehicle stopped or parked in violation hereof may be removed or towed away upon order of any police officer.
(Ord. 2008-08. Passed 4-14-08.)

951.99 PENALTY

Whoever violates any provision of this chapter shall be fined not more than one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00).
(Ord. 2005-88. Passed 12-12-05.)

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