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The Wickliffe Police Department is staffed by 28 full-time sworn police officers, 8 full-time dispatchers, and 2 administrative assistants. Additionally, we have a staff of part-time employees that include special police officers, dispatchers & auxiliary officers. All members of the police department strive to provide the City of Wickliffe with the best and most professional law enforcement service anywhere. We are constantly attempting to improve upon that level of service through a renewed sense of commitment and dedication. Our police department relies on a partnership with members of the community to provide a high level of service, so please report any suspected criminal activity by calling (440) 943-1234 or 9-1-1.


The Wickliffe police communication center is staffed 24 hours a day, to handle calls for service for police, fire and emergency medical services. Dispatch personnel play a vital role in both police and fire operations by gathering and disseminating vital information to units in the field. Dispatch staff also serves to fulfill public records requests. In 2011, the dispatch staff answered 10,216 calls for service via telephone, 911 or in person.

A renovation of the communication center was complete in January of 2012. Some of the improvements included in the renovation are; new digital radios, which are not only compatible with the new Lake County radio system, but across the state, via the Ohio MARCS System. Upgraded closed circuit TV monitoring equipment was installed to enhance safety inside the jail facility, city hall grounds, and Jindra Park. Upgrades were done to the computer system, to make the 911 equipment more reliable and efficient. New consoles were installed that are not only more ergonomically designed but more adaptable for future needs. In addition, all of the mission critical equipment is connected to battery back up equipment and an electrical generator, ensuring that the police department can remain functional in the event of power failure.


The Wickliffe Police Department Detective Bureau is responsible for follow-up investigations of felonies and certain misdemeanors. We are assigned to various shifts, Monday through Saturday, and are “on call” at all other times. Detectives are responsible for the investigation of felony criminal offenses, maintenance of the warrant validation files, and the management of NCIC fingerprint files and FBI/BCI criminal identification files. We maintain complete daily records of the local pawn shop, liquor permits, authorized gambling events, and criminal case disposition records. Other duties include: processing crime scenes, securing evidence (processing or facilitating the processing by forwarding it to the Lake County Crime lab), managing the property room and evidence room, conducting CVSA (“Lie Detector”) examinations for criminal investigations and new hires, and completing record expungements. The detective bureau is currently staffed by Lt. Pat Hengst; who oversees investigations, and Detectives Don Dondrea and Dan Moreland, and Detective Bureau Specialist, Katie Krane.


The patrol division of the Wickliffe Police Department is the point of contact with our citizens, schools, business community, and visitors within the city. Its responsibilities are many: responding to all calls for service, conducting initial criminal investigations, enforcing traffic laws, investigating vehicle crashes, completing prisoner booking and transportation, and testifying in court are some of the most common. It is staffed by four platoons, each led by a sergeant. All patrol officers receive extensive training in the core areas of interviewing and interrogation, patrol safety and defensive techniques, radar and laser operation, and pursuit and defensive driving skills. In addition, all officers continue their training on an annual basis through in-service training and specialized schools and seminars offered locally and nationally.


The Wickliffe Police Department Motorcycle Unit is used for traffic enforcement, community policing/relations, funeral escorts, parades, and general calls for service. Each summer, the police department receives a number of citizen complaints regarding driving violations and loud radios from vehicles throughout the city, particularly on side streets. The motorcycle is an excellent tool in these situations. The Unit also pays particular attention to areas within the city where a majority of the traffic crashes tend to occur and works toward changing driving behavior through traffic law enforcement. Personnel assigned to the Motorcycle Unit are Lt. Joseph Thompson, Sgt. Leonard Nosse, Ptl. Anthony Regnier, Spl. Ptl. Robert Valko. The Wickliffe Police use a 2010 Harley-Davidson FLHP Road King motorcycle (MC-1).


The Wickliffe Bike Patrol Unit consists of 4 officers who have attended a 40 hour training course. The Bike Patrol Unit is utilized during parade details, city ceremonies and special activities. They also assist with crowd control and traffic safety during these events. The bike unit’s unique capabilities are also used for crime suppression throughout the year, but especially during the summer months. The Bike Patrol Unit also assists with community policing activities, such as the bike rodeo.


Under the supervision of Sgt. Mark Sopko, the Auxiliary Police Unit consists of five active members with experience ranging from 2 years to 21 years. This volunteer organization assists in traffic control and security for the Memorial Day parade, July 4th fireworks, Mt. Carmel’s festival, the FEST, Wickliffe High School sporting events, polling centers on Election Day, and many more activities throughout the city. They are a vital part of the community, serving as additional eyes and ears in an effort to improve police response to the needs of the residents of the City of Wickliffe.


The police department is responsible for making sure the elementary students walking to and from school get crossed safely at major intersections and the Lloyd Road railroad tracks. Under the direction of Sgt. Mark Sopko, the department currently employs thirteen school crossing guards and two substitute guards with this responsibility. Many of our guards are long time employees who make the safety of our school children their number one priority.


Emergency Response Team The WESTERN LAKE COUNTY EMERGENCY RESPONSE TEAM (ERT) is comprised of police officers from the cities of Wickliffe, Eastlake, Willoughby, Willoughby Hills, Willowick, Waite Hill, and Kirtland. Assigned officers perform the duties of the team in addition to their regular assignments. Representing the City of Wickliffe on the team are Lt. Pat Hengst, Lt. Jon Bush, Sgt. Jim Coolick and Ptl. Bob Kuhse. Lt. Pat Hengst is the Commander of the ERT. The primary duties of the team involve serving high risk search and arrest warrants, handling barricaded subjects and/or hostage situations, and handling any other high risk situations that require a tactical resolution. In addition to the tactical component of the team, there are several negotiators who specialize in finding peaceful solutions to stressful and sometimes violent situations. Representing the City of Wickliffe on the team are Lt. Pat Hengst, Lt. Jon Bush, Sgt. Jim Coolick, Ptl. Bob Kuhse and Ptl. Ryan Budzicki.

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