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Numerous events are held throughout the year for the community that involve activities other than crime related issues. Some of these events include Hero’s Day, Safety Town, the Special Olympics Torch Run, Bike Rodeo, Bike Auction, movie nights at the city parks, Halloween Party, and a Food Drive. Many of these events are made possible by generous donations from our local businesses that continually support the Wickliffe Police Department. View the full report (PDF)


A disturbing trend in 2014 was the number of firearms our department confiscated during our investigations of criminal activity. There were 27 firearms confiscated during criminal investigations, which is a 225% increase from 2013 and the most guns seized by our department in the past 25 years. Eight of these weapons were found while investigating narcotics activity and three involved alcohol use. We will continue our proactive work in narcotics activities into the future while staying vigilant for the presence of firearms during all criminal investigations. View the full report (PDF)


The police department staffing experienced some changes in 2013 with the retirement of Lieutenant Robert Valko and Sergeant Michael Kuyasa. As a result of these two retirements, Jonathon Bush was promoted to Lieutenant while James Coolick and David Krivacic were promoted to the rank of Sergeant. The retirements also provided the opportunity to hire two entry level patrolman; Kristen Fitch, Wickliffe’s first full-time female police officer, and David Santiago. View the full report (PDF)


Throughout the year our department investigated three rape/sex offenses which resulted in prison terms in two of the cases with the third case awaiting trial and a seven-year old burglary was solved through DNA evidence.
View the full report (PDF)


The statistical reports contained in this annual report show the patterns of crime and other activities responded to by the police department. The police department tracks fourteen categories of serious crimes from year to year and in 2011 eight of these categories decreased or remained the same while six categories saw an increase in activities. View the full report (PDF)


Most trends in serious crimes went down in 2010 with two notable exceptions; house burglaries and narcotic acivity both increased by about 45% each. The reasons for the increase in house burglaries is difficult to define from year to year as there are many variables to consider when attempting to predict crime. The police department closely monitors our patrol operations each year and will make adjustments based on crime trends. View the full report (PDF)


Trends in serious crimes have remained relatively consistent over the past ten years with occasional spikes in individual categories from year to year. Thefts and vehicle thefts have declined steadily over this time period. As in past years, our crime rate is low and Wickliffe remains a safe community to live and work in. We remain dedicated to capturing persons committing crime in the community and working with the community as a whole in our efforts to prevent criminal activity. View the full report (PDF)

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