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Narcotics activity increased by 71% over last year with 454 narcotics related incidents. The fire department administered Narcan doses over 80 times to 46 people who overdosed on some form of opiate, but even with the best efforts of the police and paramedics, we still witnessed 9 overdose deaths. Personnel: Sgt. Craig Voll (40 years) retired and came back to work as a part-time jail officer; Mark Sopko was promoted to Sergeant; Nick Merrifield was hired as a new patrolman. View the full report (PDF)


First murder in 21 years with the tragic death of a two month old infant; 100% increase in robberies; three Wickliffe residents died as a result of heroin overdoses. Personnel: Ptl. John Thompson (18 years), Ptl. Terrance Coates (48 years), and Dispatcher Mickey Martinez (35 years) retired. View the full report (PDF)


There were 27 firearms confiscated, which is a 225% increase from 2013 and the most guns seized by our department in the past 25 years. Personnel: Lt. Joseph Matteo (37 years), Dispatcher Sarah Brunarski (15 years), Spl. Patrolman Phil Bowser (7 years) retired; Lt. Joseph Thompson and Sgt. Leonard Nosse are promoted; Patrolmen Ryan Budzicki and Anthony DiDona are hired, Spl. Patrolman Anthony Pecnik and Robert Valko are hired. Detective Bureau Specialist Katie Krane replaced Sandy Aker who moved to a dispatch position. View the full report (PDF)


Personnel: Lt. Robert Valko (28 years), Sgt. Michael Kuyasa (disability retirement) retired; Lt. Jonathon Bush and Sgt. James Coolick are promoted; Wickliffe’s first full-time female police officer, Kristen Fitch, is hired. View the full report (PDF)


Throughout the year our department investigated three rape/sex offenses which resulted in prison terms in two of the cases with the third case awaiting trial and a seven-year old burglary was solved through DNA evidence. Personnel: Ptl. Donald Johnson (25 years) retired and Patrolmen Kevin Ankuda and James Smith are hired. K-9 Rex (9 years) retired after a long and productive career. View the full report (PDF)


Personnel: Det. Jamie Walsh (32 years) retired and Ptl. Charles Blanton retired on a disability retirement after he sustained injuries in a motor vehicle accident in December of 2008 while on duty; Patrolman David Cook is hired. View the full report (PDF)


Two 15-year old children were shot by another juvenile at the Ultra Evolution Nightclub. The two victims recovered from their injuries. The shooting led to the immediate and permanent closing of the nightclub. View the full report (PDF)


Trends in serious crimes have remained relatively consistent over the past ten years with occasional spikes in individual categories from year to year. Thefts and vehicle thefts have declined steadily over this time period. As in past years, our crime rate is low and Wickliffe remains a safe community to live and work in. We remain dedicated to capturing persons committing crime in the community and working with the community as a whole in our efforts to prevent criminal activity. View the full report (PDF)

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